Lakeside Baptist Church

Our Pastor


Dave Crichton

Dave and Cindy Crichton have 25 years of full-time church ministry experience. They are graduates of Tennessee Temple University in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  In 1992, after earning their degrees and being married, they began full-time church ministry in Connecticut. There Dave served as a youth pastor then an assistant pastor. 

In 2003, God began working on Dave’s heart about church planting. The following year, Dave and Cindy moved to Peoria to plant Lakeside Baptist Church, which held its first service in October, 2004.  Dave first became involved in church planting as a boy.  At the age of six, God led Dave’s family from Michigan to Rhode Island to plant a church, where until retiring, his father pastored for 37 years.  Dave’s four siblings also serve in local church ministries in Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Ohio. Growing up in the ministry and home of faithful Christian parents who love and serve God, had a profound impact on Dave’s life.  It’s Dave and Cindy’s desire to raise up another generation of Christian servants.

Dave preaches the Bible with passion and conviction, loves people, and enjoys ministry.  Cindy, a full-time mom with six kids and a degree in Education, especially enjoys ministering through teaching children to know God through His Word. 



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