Lakeside Baptist Church

Growth Groups

What is a Growth Group?

A Growth Group is a Bible study group consisting of 6-12 people who meet weekly to share, study, and support one another.

When and Where Do They Meet?

Growth Groups meet at various times and at various locations throughout the week.  Parents with elementary age children may consider participating in a group that meets on Wednesday nights during Awana, to take advantage of the child-care available.

How Long Do They Last?

Each Growth Group session lasts 8 to 13 weeks, depending on the study. Lakeside offers a Winter session (Jan-Mar), a Spring session (Apr-Jun), and a Fall session (Sept-Nov).  Growth Groups do not meet during July, August, and December.

What is the Required Commitment?

Joining a Growth Group requires a commitment to attend the Bible study and do the homework ahead of time. Obviously, allowances are made for sickness, vacation, work conflicts and other special events, but to get the most out of the study you really need to be present each week. This commitment is the key to a strong Growth Group.

What Will We Study?

Each session there are new Bible studies to choose from. Choose a study subject that piques your interest and one you hope will help your life.


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How’s Your Attitude?
Subject: Are you tired, stressed, discouraged? Are you worried about the future? The right attitude can invigorate the spirit, relieve stress, and produce joy. With this study of Matthew 5:3–12, you’ll discover the Beatitudes—the attitudes you need so you can be the happy, Christlike Christian God wants you to be.
10 Lessons.  Book Cost: $8.99






Daily Life of the Redeemed
Subject: This course gives special attention to the revelation of God’s character and living in light of Who God is. Our daily life as God’s redeemed should be affected by Who God is.
13 Lessons.  Book Cost $4.49






The Truth Project
Subject: The Truth Project is a DVD-based small group curriculum comprised of 13 one-hour lessons taught by Dr. Del Tackett. This home study is the starting point for looking at life from a biblical perspective. Each lesson discusses in great detail the relevance and importance of living the Christian worldview in daily life.
13 Tours (click here for overview).






Living in the Real
Subject: This Bible study will encourage you with Biblical realities and challenge you to examine your life in light of those realities.  You will be learn how to approach future study of God’s Word with honesty and with a desire to grow.
13 Lessons.  Book Cost $4.49






How To Stay Sane When Life Doesn’t Make Sense
Audience: Young Adults 18+
Worry, bitterness, financial needs, loneliness, stress, and other “why’s” can drag us down. But we can stay sane. Here’s a Bible study to help you keep your sanity!
12 lessons. Book Cost: $8.99